We are your friendly curated NFT calendar with all the juicy information to help prepare you for upcoming drops. You should still DYOR (Do Your Own Research!).

NFT Cal is the child of Islands and run by an anonymous character that only goes by “TZhong’s Intern”

How we vet projects:

Twitter followers

  • We typically look for at least 1,000 followers on Twitter. There are exceptions where the creators are super exceptional (prominent artist, crypto twitter influencer, celebrity).
  • We look at who follows the project and creators on Twitter for social proof.

Discord members

  • We typically look for at least 1,000 active members on Discord.

Active community

  • We join the Discords, chat with the community, and look around to see how active vs spammy it is. 👀

Thoughtful creators

  • We look at how active and thoughtful the creators are in their Discord community and Twitter.


  • How active the founders are. Some founders like to remain anonymous, and that’s ok, as long as the founder is active with their community.
  • What the future plans are. Roadmaps are important to us and show us you’re in this for the long run.